Success Strategies

Tips - Techniques and Strategies for Communication Success


Block an hour each week to listen and read the messaging that you or your associates are providing to your customers, but instead of looking and listening with your company - expert ears and eyes,listen and view the message through the lens and ears of your customer. Ask yourself or your team:

■ What did the customer hear?
■ How would the customer feel about the message?
■ Is the benefit to the customer clear?

Remember: It is not important what we think about our product or service --- it is all about what the customer thinks and feels about our products and services. Are the benefits - the answer to the "So what's?" clear for the customer? If not - go back and do it again --- but this time - think and listen like the customer!

A tip for effective coaching

An associate of mine - Larry Roberts - once said: "Behavior rewarded is behavior repeated"

pictureWe all know that this message when acted out - will motivate our employees and associates to continue their positive efforts.

I would like to add a "but: Negative behavior ignored is the same as rewarding.

Ensure that you are rewarding the right behavior. Chalking it up to "that's just the way the ____ acts" will send the wrong message to your high performers.

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